Tele Vision

Some abstract pictures for a change.

Taken in front of the TV with an unsharp focus at 50mm and f/22 with my Fuji X-E1 for about 2 – 3 seconds exposure time each. Post processed in Lightroom!

Depending on where you live, you will watch TV in either 24 or 30 frames per second. These are the technical standards. Do I care? No! PAL or NTSC …. when you buy a new TV, usually you don´t even know what that means! Same here! And when you watch the news or your favourite show on your TV via satellite or your cable company, you just enjoy! Or, in case of news, maybe you are not! But you are consuming something! Moments and impressions on TV pass while you are watching. Like life! That´s why it´s made like that. So that we see on TV how life would look as if we would see it with our own eyes. In 24 or 30 frames per second!

I chose to be a photographer to capture moments in time which will never come back again. To remember them and to be reminded of those individual situations which happen in front of my lens. I don’t mind too much if the picture is random and just was made by chance, or if I get a great shot because I planned everything around it. Regardless, in the end it´s a testimony of what happened right in the moment I pressed the button. And that´s generally great!

What, if you would capture moments in time in another dimension? Compressing the factor time into a single frame instead of 24 or 30? That would be called a long exposure. I do that purposedly while taking pictures of the night sky or certain situations when 1/60th of a second (as an example) of exposure time is just not enough to bring sufficient light onto the camera´s sensor to expose the picture correctly! Usually we use long exposure photography in landscape photography or to slow down fast moving objects. That’s almost impossible to achieve without a tripod. Not really suitable to street photography btw …..!

And then, there is TV! Available and accessible in every household! Why not make use of it for compressing time? Instead of watching sharp pictures, you could create pictures of time passing! That´s what I did; really simple!

I just wanted to find out how it looks like! And that´s also part of photography! Just try something! And have fun!