Coney Island

Heading To Coney

Entering the N-train at Fort Hamilton!
Straight to Coney Island!
Nobody else in this car!
Rare moments!

Taking pictures of the car!
Of the Chinese woman outside,
on New Utrecht Avenue
Of the car next to me!
Feeling good!

Slowing down towards Coney/Stillwell!
I like that!
Feels like a plane descending!
Other trains pass and
I see the the service areas!
So many trains!

Off at Coney and
directly to the boardwalk!

I love this boardwalk!
Parachute drop!
Luna Park!
Wonder Wheel!
Oh, the Cyclones´ Stadium!

Wooden planks under my feet before
I reach the beach!

I get close to the ocean
and smell the brine before I
kneel down and touch it!

I close my eyes and breathe!
That´s it!

I feel like I´m home!